Why Consider Tuition

Confused child?

Frustrated child?

Good Tutors captivate.

Good Tutors motivate.

Good Tutors accelerate.

Private tuition can raise your child’s achievement significantly and help build their confidence.

Is tutoring right for your child?

Skilled teachers differentiate lessons to help children at both ends of achievement stay interested in learning and continue making progress, but outliers fall through the gaps in many classrooms.

Once a child is behind, it can be hard for them to catch up on their own, and this struggle can lead to negative self-talk, a counterproductive learning disposition, and a self-perpetuating decline in achievement.

Employing a tutor can provide the intervention children need to catch up, maintain steady progress, and be extended beyond the provisions of their current education programme. Early intervention is important for children who need extra support and private tuition is arguably the best way to help them.

At Good Tutors, our dedication to excellence underscores our mission to form the leading team of professional tutors in New Zealand. We actively seek individuals who not only excel in their respective fields but also exhibit a sincere enthusiasm for inspiring students to achieve their full potential. By prioritising quality, expertise and a genuine passion for education, Good Tutors aims to build a team that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a love for learning in every student we serve.

What Difference can a Tutor Make?

Tuition makes a big difference to future outcomes for children who are lagging, it provides an edge for those already working at their age level and for children who are ahead of their peers, it ensures they remain engaged with stimulating and challenging content.


Help your child make gains faster to catch up, keep up, or lead the way.


Everyone can learn. We just need help from someone who understands our needs.

Reach Your

Prepare your child with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of every opportunity.

Your Learning

Tuition that supports your child’s current learning plan or a more tailored approach.

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